Uni Project, Thornton’s rebrand.

At uni for one of our briefs we were giving the task of rebranding Thorntons chocolates.
From this we could pick one area in which to focus.

I had never relised how much was behind rebranding of a company untill this. I was a fun topic to work on, and i really enjoyed reserching into the brand and other chocolate brands, it ment eatting a lot of chocolate to.

I desided that thorntons needed to go back to being british and i wanted to try and do this and show it in a simple way.
I decided to look at the personal bar range because after doing several surveys I had found that most people just buy chocolate for themselves. This mafde me decided that thorntons was missing out on a large area of profit making.

So here are my final peices. 
Each bar has Thorntons on the front but it is spelt how a certain area in the UK would say it. I have added an iconic building or structure to each bar to help show where it is from.

The above is the my London packaging. All though in this image the black in the London Eye is differnt to the black back when printed they look the same.
I have only used two differnt fonts to try and keep the packaging simple.
I put in red, white and blue swirls that conect with the structures, keeping in britsh with the colours of the uninon flag being involved.


The above in the Northern Ireland bar, repersented buy the iconic Harland and Wolff cranes, in the famous ship yards.
I hava given a range of differnt colours for the backing as i wanted to see which it looked best on.
As you can see the type colour changes, this it so try and show the flavor through a certain colour.


The above is my Newcastle area bar, it is repersented by the angel of the North.
I quite like this one, im not fully sure why but I do.

This was my final peice.
As you can see I have added on the back so when this is cut out it can be folded over to make the packaging.
I have added a QR code, which will link to a website designed so that people can see where other people have bought the same bars through out the UK.
There is a small bit of a brand story on the back. 
I have went with a black background for each of my bars so thay they are all the same only the name and stucture changing.

I feel like it was an ok outcome, it wasnt the best as I didnt have enough time to make it as I was away ay home for xmas and couldnt get all the things with me on the plane so It was a rushed finishing.



So I have this weird interest in Maps and the Infographics to do with maps. So when I found on my stats that you could see a map of where people in the world are who have viewed your profile I near died from excitement.
I just want to share with you how it has evolved in the last few days. I only started this blog just over a week ago so its pretty amazing to see I think.

Dates and times should be on each image.
Map 1.

Map 2.

Map 3.


Map 4.


Map 5.

Map 6.


Map 7.

Map 8.

Map 9.


So im clearly a sucker for info graphics… but this is pretty awesome, the people of wordpress have coloured in my map just by clicking on my page, most of them strangely looking for vodka…
It is amazing to see though…

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Colour in the skies.

Colour in the skies.

This photo I had take a few years back, in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.
It was of the sun setting and I rushed to find the best spot to try and take it because it was the middle of winter and the sun sets so fast. It is a picture I like because it just relaxes me me.

Colour Strips.

In uni we were asked as part of a topic we had to do to make colour strips… its a bit simple I know but i really enjoyed doing. It got me thinking about things I could actually get out of the results that are made.
Anyway heres a few.


This was my first one I had to do for the class.


This is the second one I had to do, it works better than what I had done before.


I enjoyed doing them so much I just went and done some of my own this being one above then the one below as well.


29 Ways to Stay Creative

Simon Witton

[Refence: 29 WAYS TO STAY CREATIVE on Vimeo on Vimeo]

I really enjoyed watching this video. It made me consider my own practice and how to improve upon it; that can’t be a bad consequence. Its amazing how much about staying creative isn’t actually about working practice at all, its about lifestyle. Its about your personality: taking risks, being adventurous and visiting new places.

An interesting point in the video is about taking breaks and getting lots of rest. Something that we all wish we could do more of. But, as we all know, its hard to think outside the box and be creative when you can barely think at all! Some of the best ideas come when you aren’t expecting it, mid-shower or when you’re just about to fall to sleep. Really inconvenient times! Letting an idea breathe can do it the world of good, can do you…

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